Once upon a time there was a monster that was very empty.

One day from his world he saw a shooting star, curious he followed its path to the end of the world. Wanting to find it he pushed passed the limits of his world into another. Surprised he marveled at the sites it was a magical place; trees blossomed in beautiful shapes and patterns, an array of colours sprang forth from the lush forest, water ran rampant supporting all sorts of wonders. His own world was very different; a barren and desolate wasteland of scorched earth, bones, and silence.

Tracing back to his original task, he finally found the shooting star, which was no star at all, but instead a girl. Her smile was calming and warm, stars winking in her nest of colourful hair. Without words they became fast friends.

Together they explored the world, it was her world and she taught him everything she knew about it. The monster took time to absorb each and every wonderous thing.

Unfortunately the dismissal of the monster from his own world didn’t go without consequences. Unattended the barren wasteland from which he came began tearing through her pristine and beautiful one. Cracks formed in the sky, slips of what was on the other side. His world slowly ebbed into hers destroying several things in its path. The girls world was crumbling. 

This started a great flood, everything was covered in water. The girl unable to stop this, fell into a depression. She slowly let herself sink to the bottom of what was once her world. There she slept. 

The Monster also sank, all the land was blanketed in water. He looked up from his place at the bottom of the ocean and saw the sunlight shimmering through the waters. Turning he saw the girl beside him. Hair ebbing through the water like dreams. Though there were no signs of movement he waited.

Night came, and there at the bottom it was like the moon and the stars had been snuffed out. Time continued to pass in their new world in the dark. Debris from the collapsing world would fall softly through the waters to join them, but other than that the only sound was the two heartbeats. 

Eventually the Monster’s chest began to swell, air was replaced with water and what was left escaped his mouth through tiny bubbles. In the dark he felt hands on his face, his friends eyes flickered open emanating light.

"My dear you’re dying."

The Monster was not meant to survive in a world that wasn’t his own, both he and his were withering. His friends gentle words washed over him with a sense of peace he had never felt, a smile crossed his lips.

The girl held onto him for as long as she could until his face turned blank, she then closed his eyes.

And for the first time he dreamt.  

The End 

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